Friday, October 8, 2010

We're Back!

Yep, after a full year (to the date even) we're back. Well, we have actually been back since last August from our European adventure, what I mean is we are back in the blogging world. I have been working on a long, LONG post. Pretty much a year in recap. Stay tuned :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ciao Venice

For our last European hoorah we decided to meet up with our dear friends, Yannick and Carolin Adler, and do a little sight-seeing in Italy. Our first stop, Venice!
In the Ford Wagon...
Heidi was a little temperamental at the beginning of our trip. Lets just say she had a hard time finding Venice's Hotel Palladio. She decided to take us on a road that didn't exist. When we visited this imaginary road an old Italian grandma, apron and all, started yelling at us (in Italiano of course) that we went the wrong way. While the old lady was screaming at us Yannick was in the background saying I forgot all the Italian I learned!! It was seriously hilarious. Once she realized we had no idea what she was say she just laughed and pointed still speaking Italian.
Driving through the beautiful Italian Alps. The hills were covered in vineyards!
Welcome to Venice!
Tommy modeling the lovely room at The Hotel Palladio.
Super Classy and cozy for the FOUR of us...
Don't you just love the sofa bed?
Rialto Bridge
Entering Venice. The city really is on WATER!
I took MILLIONS of pictures. Venice is seriously a photographer's heaven.
San Marco Square
I insisted that the flag had to be blowing in the picture. Sorry for being so picky Adlers! You are great photographers.
Before we went to Italy my Dad told us we absolutely had to visit this little island called Burano. I must agree it was definitely a place we didn't want to miss! It was so colorful!
People say the fisherman painted their homes so they could find them easier after a hard days work. It could be true... all the houses were a different color. I'm pretty sure they just re-painted because they were extremely bright!
Don't you just love the drying laundry hanging out the windows?!
We absolutely loved everything about Venice.

Saying Goodbye to Munich...

We were SO sad to say goodbye to beautiful Germany. We had such a wonderful summer. It was so great to live somewhere new and figure out how to live without our families an hour away. (we were so excited to get home to them by the way. We were missing all of your faces!! They just aren't as lovely on skype as they are in person!!) Anyway, Germany was the experience of a lifetime. We loved every minute of it!
One last look at the famous Glockenspiel...
The beautiful city I wandered and got lost in daily...
That face is definitely scared. We climbed the bell tower while the wind was blowing (terrible idea) and the tower actually shook. I was so terrified, my little heart was pounding! Tommy was loving it.
Our last dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Donisl. The food and entertainment was always excellent! My mouth waters for their apfel strudel :)
Cute Tommy on our last Ubahn ride. (Isn't he just handsome?!)
Auf Wiedersehen Munich.
We miss you.
We'll be back!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

BMW + Tommy = LOVE...

Tommy was DYING to see the BMW museum so finally I caved in and decided to go. Surprisingly I loved it! In fact, I loved it so much I took over 100 pictures. OOPS :) They had quite the display of cars and carparts... I especially LOVED the oldies. Do I even have to tell you what Tommy thought??? (refer to picture below)
Of course he LOVED it.
Can we just say Tommy would love his car to look like this? Really.
Totally nerdy listening to the engines VROOMMMM
Kind of boring towards the end. I am not a fan of futuristic cars.
For the sister-in-law :)


Some friends in our ward introduced us to this awesome board game called "Bang." We loved it and will be buying when we get home. Family, Friends, we'll be calling you to come play soon.

Bike Tour of Munich...

We decided to try out the free bike tour with our friends. It turned out to be so much fun!
Our sweet cruisers
Our friends Hector and Adelaide
You wish this was beer.... yummy apfelshorle

The surfers never get old. There lots today!

Even though we had seen most of the sights before we loved hearing the history behind our city. It was such a great day. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm in Germany.

Fun Date Night...

One of our fun friday date nights in Munich.

We just can't get enough of the jumping pictures.